Lizard Monarchy

Linde and I made a tune together again!

It's called Lizard Monarchy, and it's a tribute to the king of doskpop, using mostly his samples.

Get the original 8 channel .xm module here:

Or an mp3 over at 8bc:

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TCTD Podcast #002 online

This week’s episode of the TCTD Podcast is about chipmusic which is mixed together with other instruments; vocals, guitars, drums, piano – or full orchestras. This is a big subject to to cover, so please note the “(Pt.1)” in the title. In other words, there will be at least one more episode with this theme in the future. Enjoy!

Listen, download and subscribe at:

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TCTD Podcast

TCTD launches its new podcast! And guess who's the host?

Every other Friday a new episode will be released, with a different theme each time. We will dive into some of your favorite artists – and artists you’ve never heard of. We will explore the different styles of chipmusic, it’s various platforms, labels, groups and try to cover all aspects of this wonderful scene. There will be mostly music, but expect some interviews and talking as well.

The podcast is in first hand run by me, Random, but you can look forward to hearing special guests appear in future episodes, with valuable help, insight and discussion.

To celebrate that summer is here, this first episode is dedicated to – in all simpleness – Happy Chiptune Protracker .MODs. Enjoy!

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Thank you Budapest and Vienna!

Budapest audience

To everyone that was involved with organizing, playing and partying: Thank you for two great nights!

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Budapest and Vienna!


I will be playing in Budapest and Vienna April 24th and 25th! Fellow chiptune warriors gwEm, Failotron and Game Boy Music Club will also be performing, so make sure not to miss these nights if you're in the area!

More info on the Vienna gig soon! More info on the Vienna gig on gigs page.

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Grammatik från grunden

Grammatik från grunden

I'm studying grammar and felt like making a chiptune about it. It's SUPER CHEESY SWEDEN GAY STYLE CHIPTUNE POP - LISTEN WITH CAUTION!

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1 Channel Compilation @ CDK

One Channel Comp

About a month ago I wrote about the 2 Channel Compilation released on CalmDownKidder Records. Now it's time for the 1 Channel Compilation! Again, this compilation has been organized by little-scale from Australia, but features songs from a bunch or artists such as Crazy Q, Jellica, J. Arthur Keenes and Nestroyer just to name a few. I also submitted a track called "Single Espresso" (though, it has been mispelled to "Esspresso" in the actual comp). It's a .xm module using only one channel, one-cycle waveform samples and one snare drum sample. 8 bit monophonic chiptune pop in stereo!

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Breaking Wave

Breaking Wave

I went to Oslo for a gig about 10 days ago. When I got to the venue, I noticed that I had only brought one of my two old LSDJ cartridges with me, which are loaded with tunes. Instead, I had accidentally brought one of my three weeks new cart, which was completely blank! Luckfully I had about three hours until I was about to go on stage, so I managed to compose this silly dance floor track in the backstage area, just in time for my set!

Download: Random - Breaking Wave.mp3

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Interstellar Machines

Space Cat

Linde and I made a song together! It's a super cheesy 10 channel .xm module.

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Best Halloween Ever!

Halloween Pulsewave "Mystery Guest" REVEAL from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

Update:I uploaded the song as mp3 on 8BitCollective. Grab it here.
Original .xm can be found here.

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