Kraid (Metroid cover)

Metroid title screen

I did a quick cover of Kraid from the ever so fantastic Metroid soundtrack a couple of months ago. Original by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka.

You can download it in mp3 format here or on 8BitCollective.

Original 10ch .xm here (60kb)

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Another music theft…

This douchebag "performs" my tune Sitges Savepoint (from Bad Joke EP on 8bitpeoples), and pretends it's his.

I've messaged him on Myspace, where he also has uploaded Sitges Savepoint, but renamed to Random Strange Places along with a bunch of other tunes stolen from other musicians, such as Goto80, Mesu Kasumai, Wiklund and Combatdave. Feel free to message him as well:

Edit: He has removed all content on his Myspace, and a couple of Youtube videos.

Stay tuned with this thread on 8bc forums.

How it's supposed to be done:

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Fönster Mot Rymden

Another coop tune with Linde made with TFM Music Maker in 2007.

Uploaded it to 8bc last week, get it here.

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TCTD Podcast #007 – AHX Favorites pt. 1

New episode of the TCTD Podcast!

Abyss Highest Experience, or AHX for short, is a softsynth Amiga tracker which emulates the C64 sound. This week’s episode gives you a selection of some (of its many) masterpieces.

Listen, download and subscribe here.

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“Summertunes” out on Ubiktune


A new great compilation out on Ubiktune, featuring a NES-prog-jazz-style-chiptune I've made together with the russian chip prodigy C-jeff, along with ten other brilliant tracks!


  • 01. C-jeff & Random - Marine
  • 02. Vincenzo - Summer Thing
  • 03. Xaimus - Malmen in Space
  • 04. Temp Sound Solutions - Ocean City Arcades
  • 05. Coda - Beach in The Sky
  • 06. Shnabubula - Pastorale Scenes
  • 07. Yerzmyey - AY is Not A Doorbell
  • 08. Blitz Lunar - Super Soaker
  • 09. Malmen - Unbelievable Lips
  • 10. MmcM - Summer is Always With Me
  • 11. Rico Zerone - Empty Beach

Download here!

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Two new tunes

"You Hate Makin' Salad" is a MOD I made and released at LCP two weeks ago. It placed #5 in the Amiga Music Compo.

Download the original MOD or get the mp3 over at 8bc.

"Bortspolad" is some LSDJ electro crap I made last summer. I finally got around recording it and uploaded it to 8bc.


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Da Chip! – The music of Daft Punk revisited on vintage Game Systems


Chiptune compilation tribute to Daft Punk, featuring my Amiga cover of "Short Circuit" along with ten other great covers, by artists such as JDDJ3J, EvilWezil, Note!, The Listrix etc! Check it out!


  1. Around The World - The Listrix
  2. Short Circuit - Random
  3. Voyager - Zombectro
  4. Revolution 909 - Note!
  5. Aerodynamic - JDDJ3J
  6. Superheroes - Stage7
  7. Crescendolls - Flashbob
  8. One More Time - Microchip
  9. Teachers - Fluxxin
  10. Indo Silver Club - Motone
  11. Veridis Quo - EvilWezil

Download here:

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Blip Festival is coming to Europe! Be there and feel the square(wave)!

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TCTD Podcast #004 online

David “Nagz"  Halmi from Budapest, Hungary was active in the demoscene roughly between 1998 and 2006, releasing music with groups and netlabels such as Anal0gik, Tequila, Language Lab, Monotonik etc. He has very unique and distinct musical style, which is a mixture of jazz, idm, ambient, oldskool chiptune and what have you. This episode focuses on his more chiptune orientated tracks, and features several collaboration tracks he has made together with artists through the years.

Listen, download and subscribe here:

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TCTD Podcast #003 online

Reed and Tempest are two of the funkiest chipmusicians around. This week’s episode is dedicated to their music. Finnish, funky Amiga and C64 music at its very best!

Listen, download and subscribe at:

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