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Spamtron and I made a tune together. It's called "BWARGH" and can be found in mp3 format on 8bitcollective. Original 10ch .XM can is downloadable here: Enjoy!

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Kraid (Metroid cover)

I did a quick cover of Kraid from the ever so fantastic Metroid soundtrack a couple of months ago. Original by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka. You can download it in mp3 format here or on 8BitCollective. Original 10ch .xm here (60kb)

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Two new tunes

"You Hate Makin' Salad" is a MOD I made and released at LCP two weeks ago. It placed #5 in the Amiga Music Compo. Download the original MOD or get the mp3 over at 8bc. "Bortspolad" is some LSDJ electro crap I made last summer. I finally got around recording it and uploaded it to [...]

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Lizard Monarchy

Linde and I made a tune together again! It's called Lizard Monarchy, and it's a tribute to the king of doskpop, using mostly his samples. Get the original 8 channel .xm module here: Or an mp3 over at 8bc:

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Grammatik från grunden

I'm studying grammar and felt like making a chiptune about it. It's SUPER CHEESY SWEDEN GAY STYLE CHIPTUNE POP - LISTEN WITH CAUTION! Original XM-file: mp3 can be found here:

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1 Channel Compilation @ CDK

About a month ago I wrote about the 2 Channel Compilation released on CalmDownKidder Records. Now it's time for the 1 Channel Compilation! Again, this compilation has been organized by little-scale from Australia, but features songs from a bunch or artists such as Crazy Q, Jellica, J. Arthur Keenes and Nestroyer just to name a [...]

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Breaking Wave

I went to Oslo for a gig about 10 days ago. When I got to the venue, I noticed that I had only brought one of my two old LSDJ cartridges with me, which are loaded with tunes. Instead, I had accidentally brought one of my three weeks new cart, which was completely blank! Luckfully [...]

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Interstellar Machines

Linde and I made a song together! It's a super cheesy 10 channel .xm module. Get the .xm here: Get the mp3 here:

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Best Halloween Ever!

Halloween Pulsewave "Mystery Guest" REVEAL from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo. Update:I uploaded the song as mp3 on 8BitCollective. Grab it here. Original .xm can be found here.

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Some new stuff

I've uploaded a new Game Boy-song and two junky XM-modules. The Game Boy song is called Reducerad, and was originally made for my upcoming 8bp EP, but I've decided it doesn't quite make the cut.  Get it here ( or here ( I've also made a little re-organization in /tunes. Now there a separate folder [...]

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