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Welcome spring with the sounds of blossoming blips and flowering funk! Listen to SPRING OSCILLATIONS – a guest mix by yours truly for Data Garden. One hour of synth funk, vocoder obscurities, library subscription melodies and motorik noise. LISTEN ONLINE: Also, I now have a twitter. Follow me @Random2197 for more regular updates. Make sure [...]

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Live in Utrecht, July 24th

Update: Some nice photos from the night can be found at Jeroen Dekkers website:

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“The Knife” released on Data Airlines

A compilation full of chip covers of The Knife songs. I'm especially glad to be part of this compilation, since it does not only feature 11 great covers, but marks the comeback of two great demoscene musicians that have been inactive for quite some time: Zalza and Excellence In Art (XIA). Playlist: 01. Maskingoperatör - [...]

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Back home from Blip 09

Big thanks to everyone involved, organizers, artists, audience and reality shapers – I had a fantastic time! It was really good seeing all good old friends again, as well as meeting new people or people I've only talked to online before. For those of you who missed the CONDOM show, it may be of some [...]

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FILE Hipersonica

I'm heading to Rio de Janeiro, to perform at FILE Hipersonica, which is held at MAM nov 23rd, along with Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Covox, Henry Homesweet, Pulselooper and Sabrepulse. noteNdo will be VJing. It will be awesome.

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Spamtron and I made a tune together. It's called "BWARGH" and can be found in mp3 format on 8bitcollective. Original 10ch .XM can is downloadable here: Enjoy!

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Blip Festival 2009

The (partial) line-up for Blip Festival 2009 has been announced! Make sure to buy your flights, trains, buses now – and of course get the festival pass! And no, my name is not on the line-up, however I will be performing a collaborative live set with Covox on the Official Blip 09 After Party. COVOX [...]

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Kraid (Metroid cover)

I did a quick cover of Kraid from the ever so fantastic Metroid soundtrack a couple of months ago. Original by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka. You can download it in mp3 format here or on 8BitCollective. Original 10ch .xm here (60kb)

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Another music theft…

This douchebag "performs" my tune Sitges Savepoint (from Bad Joke EP on 8bitpeoples), and pretends it's his. I've messaged him on Myspace, where he also has uploaded Sitges Savepoint, but renamed to Random Strange Places along with a bunch of other tunes stolen from other musicians, such as Goto80, Mesu Kasumai, Wiklund and Combatdave. Feel [...]

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Fönster Mot Rymden

Another coop tune with Linde made with TFM Music Maker in 2007. Uploaded it to 8bc last week, get it here.

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